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Custom 3-D Model Request

If you are in need of a very unique and custom model please send us a request and we’ll reply with a cost estimate.


All images and information are treated as confidential.

We will always try to respond within 24 hours but no longer than 72.

Here is how the process works.



Send us your artwork or picture you are interested in having made into a 3-D file. (sketch, photo, dxf, eps, ai).

Our email address is  mm@mezalick.com , or you can use our website form  ( https://carveddetails.com/contact-us/ )

The overall size ( W x H x Thickness )

How the product will be finished ( Stain, Paint, metalcoat, other ),  This help to know how much detail is needed

The file type you can use ( STL, OBJ, 3DClipArt, etc. )

If you want the file to be an Aspire file, please tell us which version you are using.

There are two pricing levels.

Exclusive Use where you retain all ownership of the file and Nonexclusive Use where Carved Details retains the ownership of the file.

Each are at different pricing levels so it would be important to specify which level of ownership you would want.

We will send you a quote and a time frame for this project.

Once the file is complete we will send you an image of the computer generated file.

If you are happy with the look we will then post the file either  on our E-store ( www.carveddetails.com ) or we can exchange thru PayPal

A deposit may be required before work begins,,,that can be discussed when we send you the quote.

Let us know how we can help..